When selling your home it is vitally important that you receive a qualified and honest market value analysis of your home. Selling your home at a discounted price makes no sense and pricing your home so that your home sits on the market and you help to sell every other home on the street also is frustrating and ill-advised.
Your home is not worth:

  •  What you paid for your home.
  •  What you think it is worth.
  •  The replacement cost.
  •  What your home is worth in Toronto or Vancouver.
  •  The assessed value set by the province for tax purposes.
  •  What your neighbours different style home just sold for or
  •  What you need to net so that you will be able to purchase your new home.

Your home is worth what an informed purchaser, who understands the uses of your property, will pay for your home if it has been exposed for sale in the market place for a reasonable period of time without any undue pressure on either the purchaser or you the vendor.

At Colpitts Realty, we will give you a free certified market analysis (CMA) which compares similar homes that are listed, have sold or have expired and makes a candid recommendation to you regarding the value of your home.

We will discuss a marketing strategy with you that is designed to maximize the value of your home with the shortest possible time on the market. Recommendations will be made on changes that should be made prior to placing your home for sale. Suggestions that will maximize the selling price of your home or speed the sale will also be discussed. We will not encourage you to invest additional funds or effort into changing or updating your home unless we are convinced that any changes will result in an increased selling price or faster sale.

When you receive an offer on your home, we will explain your options, objectively evaluate the offer, discuss a strategy and aggressively negotiate the best possible agreement for you. We are with you every step of the way.

Thank you for considering Colpitts Realty to sell your home.

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